8 Shower Heads for Your Bathroom Remodel

One of the most relaxing moments of the day is shower. No matter how  luxurious your shower upgrade or remodel is, choosing a shower head decides how the water should be delivered for your shower. Shower heads add to the quality of your shower. For that reason, there are several types of shower heads available for your bathroom remodel to choose from.



Single Spray Shower Head

Single spray shower heads are among the common showerheads. This option gives you a single spray pattern of water from your showerhead with various pressures providing a relaxing sensation and ensures that you rinse your body well. When using a single spray showerhead, you can easily rinse your hair and also get enough water to reach each part of your body. However, this may prove to be challenging when it comes to cleaning pets and small children.


Dual Shower Heads

Dual shower heads provide the answer to the tough decision of whether to get a handheld showerhead or a traditional showerhead. Who says that you must choose between the two? With a dual shower head you can easily choose the mode in which you wish to have and also reach the unreachable parts. However, to gain the most from a dual showerhead, you need to choose a size that suits you best. This provided that they come in different shapes and sizes and thus provide different levels of service. Choose a set that is the right size for your bathroom and won’t end up splashing water out of your shower while ensuring your set is big enough to produce a jet of water that covers every part of your body


Multi-Function Shower Head

As the name suggests, this is a shower that covers many functions in one. With this shower head type, you will get to enjoy a handheld shower, a rain shower, mist shower, massage shower and other functions in one. This will ensure that you enjoy a great functional experience and reach.


Rain Shower Head

Rain shower heads are much liked. The probability of coming across a rain shower head in the bathroom of your neighbors is quite high. This is because they are very common today for luxury and a favorite to many.

The rain shower head consist of a large shower head mounted on the ceiling of the bathroom or fitted with a tap on the wall of the bathroom. They spray a good amount of water in several jets and thus give a relaxing sensation.

With a rain showerhead, not only will your body get relaxation but also you will get water equally spread through your body. As a result, you will get a clean rinse throughout your body and thus you get to be free of soap remains. Even better, these type of shower heads are easy to find and some may even feature water filters.


Ceiling Mounted Shower

Ceiling Mounted Showers provide the ultimate luxurious finish. With a ceiling mount shower, water is dispersed equally over a wide space that covers the larger part of your shower. Additionally, a ceiling mount showerhead directs water in a manner that it doesn’t get out of the shower. This keeps the area dry and gives you a better bath time. The best ceiling mount showers have fewer chances of clogging as its holes are made in a manner that they are easy to clean. On the other hand, if you live in a place with low water pressure, you need to avoid this shower head.


Handheld Shower Head

Apart from being the most purchased and the most reviewed shower heads, handheld shower heads are the most practicable. These are shower heads that can be unmounted from the wall and used to spray on a given area. Not only do you get a better cleaning experience, you save on water compared to shower heads that splash water all over the bathroom, handhelds are efficient in water usage. Additionally, handheld shower heads can be easily turned off when one is applying soap thus plenty of savings. Handheld shower heads are a better solution to washing your young children and pets.


Shower Panels

These are similar to body spray showers and can be used as handheld showers. With this in your bathroom, not only will your bathroom look luxurious but also you will get a massaging experience in each shower. Additionally, these shower heads provide enough amount of water thus ensuring you rinse well after each and every bath session. With the best shower panels, you will require the least maintenance as they are less likely to clog compared to their counterparts.


Sliding Bar Shower Head

For families with members of varying sizes, a sliding shower is unarguably the best solution. This can be adjusted to fit any size and thus preventing wastage of water. Additionally, sliding bar shower heads can be used for cleaning your pets as you can pull the shower head down to a level that water is aimed mostly at your pet. With this, you will get an easier shower session and save water when smaller sized family members are enjoying a bath.


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