Aging in Place with Kohler Choreograph Shower Systems

Updating a bathroom for someone who is getting older is very different than updating based on cosmetics or home value. When you or a loved one are remodeling for future accessibility needs, there are some important features consider. Kohler Choreograph has you covered from design, to safety, to ease of use.


The Choreograph collection includes a variety of decorative walls, a joint system, in-wall storage, on-wall storage and seating in a variety of styles, colors and finishes to create traditional, transitional and contemporary spaces that fit both the functionality and aesthetic needs of homeowners.



Kolher took a deep look into showers and the routine that users follow during the showering process. The space is often cluttered, making the experience sometimes uncomfortable and even unsafe,” says Tracy Jaeger, director of marketing for Kohler showering and bathing products. Shower Barres feature a flat, grip surface that can be added to any shower either for storage or as assistance with balance. Your choice of seating makes the bathing experience even safer.


Ease of Use

Walk-in showers are gaining popularity, largely due to their ease of use. Choreograph Shower Systems are ideal for those who have trouble stepping over a tub and into a traditional shower. Seating is an important accessory for ease of use and for additional support in the space. The Choreograph collection can include a flip down seat for a safe and secure solution without requiring additional space in the shower or a shower stool which places users at a higher position in the shower, maximizing the benefit of the shower spray. It can also serve as a grooming stool outside of the shower as well as for drying off.


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